Below are some comments/feedback left by participants from day 1 of the pilot Simpson Board Translator’s course at MDI in October 2013 –

  • Empowering, once I got used to the board
  • A great insight into working with people who have no verbal communication
  • Very thought provoking, thinking of individuals and how they could use it
  • Well presented, fun, thought provoking, adaptable, creative and suitable to all
  • I learnt new ways to communicate, it brought me out of my comfort zone it was very beneficial.
  • This course opens out to everyone to develop new skills and to gain experience
  • It was very interesting I enjoyed it very much; I learnt a lot from trying new ways of working
  • Amazing! Really enjoyed being part of the course as a dancer but also to try different roles
  • I began to understand the skills you need when unable to verbally communicate

Please click here to watch the promotional video of the Simpson Board Translator’s Course

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