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Welcome to Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance

Welcome to my site, my name is Lisa Simpson and I’m the founder of Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance (LSID) I also have Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy and no verbal communication and hold a unique position in dance.

I coach/train and support others by using a revolutionary technique known in the industry as a Simpson Board; a choreography tool that enables people of all abilities to choreograph their own work.


Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance Ltd has a range of fantastic courses and workshops for translators, choreographers and dancers.


Over the years we have collaborated with many fantastic people and organisations


Find out the latest exciting news, projects and collaborations.


See for yourself the impact the work of our amazing team does

Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance has 3 strands to our company:

  1. Making & Touring – I continue to make and tour professional dance work in the U.K. and I’m interested in my own professional development as I continue to work with internationally renowned choreographers.
  2. Training – I work with colleges and HE settings, training dance students in Simpson Board Translation, inclusive dance and choreographic practice.
  3. Professional Development – Workshops for professional dance artists interested in developing their own inclusive choreographic practice.

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