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Simpson Board Translator Courses

Lisa Simpson Inclusive Dance Ltd is pleased to offer these fantastic courses and workshops along with the online after support.

Our main courses and workshops


For translators

  • You will learn how to support disabled choreographers to create their own dance work using a Simpson Board.
  • You will be shown how to understand non-verbal communication and become aware of what the translator’s role actually is.
  • You will also gain the ability to recognise what form of communication the choreographer uses and an understanding of how to use the Simpson Board from a translator’s point of view.

Budding disabled choreographers

  • You will be able to create your own work by working with the Simpson board, a systematic approach to choreography involving words, pictures, music and your own instructions to a dancer.
  • You will work in a team supported by tutors to lead and be led by others.
  • You will work with like-minded people in a supportive and creative setting


We deliver tailored workshops to suit individual groups. Please contact our team so we can understand more about what you are looking for and when. We will deliver a bespoke workshop working delivering the outcomes you want.

What Participants Are Saying

“I learnt new ways to communicate, it brought me out of my comfort zone it was very beneficial.”

“Amazing! Really enjoyed being part of the course as a dancer but also to try different roles”

“I have learnt a lot, it’s nice to know I could support others, I was able to use all the board this time and remembered to keep it simple at first”

“Very impressed, our daughter loved being a choreographer today, especially having the chance to boss people around legitimately. Board was very useful; there was also a great atmosphere in the room”

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